Friday, 17 November 2017

September 1 - November 16, 2017

my next project .. Red Pepper Jam and Relish,
more Christmas gifts finished

enjoying supper with Jamie and Martha from Project 50

Charlie and Chris on Wingspread came for a few days, they live in Honey Harbour
(they are now back in the Abacoes, living on their boat for the winter, we will see them
Nov. 22)

Joe's long time friend Bruce came for visit

work still continues at Lily's home, Mike and I installing flooring in the basement

Joe made a shelving cabinet for my sister and brother-in-law

Rowland and Joyce are enjoying the pull out drawers also
(we helped build them a new deck in May)

Sher and Drew came all the way from Malaysia for a visit

Lily getting 3 new windows installed, next year the two basement ones
will be replaced and then all windows will be brand new

Lily and Mike hosted Thanksgiving at her place … we finally got to
meet most of the Smith family

well done Lily Sue Ellen

we had a chance to visit Ron and Loretta Ball's place, Ron is a fellow sailer and a
fantastic wood worker …  this is his log cabin basement

he is also a furniture maker

here Ron is shocking wood to create an pattern he uses on his wooden bowls

an example of what happens to the wood

haul out day at Georgian Yacht Club

the boats are being put away for the winter, and Joe and I soon will be heading
back to Modaki in the Abacoes

my sisters Joyce and Louise

brother-in-laws Rowland and Mike

our neighbours moor ( ha ha ) their trailer in our lane way for the winter,
Linda and Ralph keep our lane way and front deck cleaned of snow while we are away

Joe and I gave a presentation at GYC  of our 3 years of sailing in the Bahamas,
it was well received and the food was great also

the work never ends, removing an unused leaking chimney at Sue's place

falling dead trees

Joe dropped it exactly were he wanted it

Sue is happy to get the extra fire wood

it was a rainy day for Halloween, but at least it was warm

our batman pumpkin

my birthday party with Sue, Lily, Mike and Joe
thanks everyone it was a great night

oh no, it is snowing
time to leave and head south

Joe has finished the work shop projects for this year, the lawn furniture 
is now inside

in a few days we close up the house and fly south

September 9, 2017 "Cancer fights dirty and so do WE "

Lily, Sue and I raised money to fight cancer

Lily and I in memory of my mom/grandmother
and Sue in memory of her mom

this event was held in Talismen Ski Resort an obstacle course thru mud 

on your mark get set and go

Sue pulled a muscle in her leg (and is still suffering with it), but Lily and I continued

the tires were tiring  

as we continued up the hill the view behind us was breath taking

finally made it half way

but not to the top of the hill yet

this was the muddiest challenge

coming down the hill now

yup Lily did get muddy

time to get washed off in this very cold water slide

at the bottom was a bubble bath tub

and if you still were muddy these sexy firefighters hosed you down
there was about 900 women partaking in this annual event

July 28 - August 31, 2017 family and friends

Strawberry Jam … I also made Cherry and Red Pepper Jam, Garlic Dill Pickles, and Dilled Beans
Christmas gifts finished 

back yard potted peas

Sweet One Hundred tomatoes 

and the best crop of Beef Stake Tomatoes I have ever grown

Ashley and Brent's wedding, with sons Benson, Jaxson and Hunter

Lily and Michael

one of Lily's best girl friends, Ashley and Jaxson

it was perfect weather for an outdoor wedding

this summer Joe and I worked for 3 different couples, updating their homes to put on the
market … one of the couples had me back to paint the children's new bedrooms …
the children got to pick out their own colours … it was fun to finally paint with
vibrant  colours

the damage to Lily's car … while she was shopping in Home Depot, a guy in a big truck, turned too sharp and ripped off the front bumper … and one week before in another parking lot,
a lady backed into the rear of Lily's car and damaged that also…
we are lucky in both cases that it was not a hit and run … both parties paid for
the damage to be fixed

Mikes new car

this summer we had a rabbit in our back yard, just eating the clover,
the last time we saw him he was already changing colour in preparation for winter

Rob on Free Spirit came for a visit, along with Mardi … Mardi lives in Hope Town, Abaco
and Rob spends his winters on his boat in the Abacoes, and he keeps his boat at AYS, the same
yard that we keep Modaki in Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

Bert and Karen on Almost Heaven, brought their Power Boat to Owen Sound … we first met
in the Abacoes last winter … now they are motoring it back to the Bahamas and we
hope to meet up with them again  (no pictures )

Lily and I had a great visit with niece Sara …

and her children Niall

and Lydia

Bill and Lauren, on Sea Star came for a quick visit by land … their boat is in
Puerto Rico, and  it survived Hurricane Irma
(they have since launched and are continuing down the chain of islands in
the Carribbean and will end up in Grenada this winter)

Joe enjoying the nice weather and BBQ a large amount of fresh veggies

our good land friends Jody and Val

this is one of the largest tents we have been in, it is home to
Sydenham Sportsmen's Salmon Spectacular,
every night there is free live music and events for children …
and of course fish dinners

friends Richard and Ella invited us for a day sail in Georgian Bay, out of Wiarton

the view of Cape Croker and Hay, Griffith and White Cloud islands

home repairs .. what a messy mess  

all insulated now 

and dry walled and painted