Saturday, 20 January 2018

January 14 - 19, 2018 … part two

a blooming airplant on Jule III

bright coloured air plants

Ann and Bob and cat Maddie aboard Jule III

the mail boat has not arrived yet with the fresh veggies

no milk either

January 14 - 19, 2018 engine repairs part one

the rusted Mixing Elbow … part of our problem

Joe working behind the motor

transmission off

we have cleaned up all the rust now

some more tools

July 14 - 19, 2018

On Saturday Rey our dock master called a mechanic for us.
around 5:30 he showed up and we told him what the problem was.
Andrews hourly rate is $85 and on weekends $150 … we decided
to wait until Monday.  At 1pm he came and crawled into
our cramped engine compartment and saw the oil leaking, when the motor was running.  He did not want to work in such cramped
quarters, so he proceeded to tell Joe what to do.

So we backed the shaft off, coupler off the shaft and mixing elbow and exhaust system off. It took a lot of time, removing nuts and bolts.
About 4 hours.

Tuesday - Joe raised the motor and took the transmission, flex
plate, flywheel off.  This  took close to 8 hours, the bolts were
rusted on.  All this was caused by a leaking rusted mixing elbow.
The mechanic thought the rear seal was leaking.
Joe thought the transmission was heavy to lift and remove, but the fly wheel is even heavier.

Wednesday - we installed and reinstalled the fly wheel a few times because we needed it on to start the motor, and then we hooked up the  a temporary exhaust system. We needed to go to town and buy special tools and an exhaust pipe to do this. 
What was actually leaking is a steel oil pipe that runs on the exterior of the motor, not the seals and gaskets.
So we are not too sure if this is good news or bad news, any way we
have now found the reason for the 3-4 minutes that it took for
all the oil to drop from the engine.

Thursday - we walk 3/4 hour one way to Boat Harbour Marina and the Yanmar dealer to look into ordering parts. Luckily Joe had a print out from a Yanmar Dealer in West Palm, USA and we found all the part numbers we needed.
The quote from them was $500 plus and it will take 10 days, because they do not have any of these parts in stock.

Our supervising mechanic told us to call this certain dealer in New Jersey.  And we did and was told it was out of his area to sell parts to us, and he gave us another number for Fort Lauderdale, USA.
So we did and they asked us for the zip code we are having it shipped to and was told it was not in their area, and they gave us another
Fort Lauderdale phone #.  OMG
Finally we got the right Yanmar dealer, Complete Yacht Services.  Joe gave them the
14 different parts we needed and within one hour a price was
emailed to us $250 tax included.  But 3 items are no longer made and 2 items are not in stock in Fort Lauderdale.

Friday - Good News, I think.  Complete Yacht Services, emailed and they can get all of our out of stock items and a replacement for the no longer made items.  And they will ship out of C.Y.S. on Monday… and the price now is only $90 total.  What the heck !!!

The parcel will be sent to a custom brokers and delivery agent in F.L.
and then flown to Marsh Harbour and will be received at
Bahama Flex Custom Brokers and delivery.  We have emailed our
cruising permit to Yanmar and they are supposed to attach it to
the outside of the package, so Customs does not charge
us import tax.  (motor parts on a foreign vessel)

Well that is what is supposed to happen.  
So we will see !!!

Friday, 19 January 2018

January 9 - 13, 2018 - engine problems

it was time for us to check the aniods in the engine … we just checked on 2 out of the three, and
replaced only one … the third one was changed last spring

we got together with C-Soul, Mark and Gail and Other Goose, Todd, Susan and Rick
we are all planning to depart Marsh Harbour in a few days

also a lunch time get-together with Sandys Way and Wingspread

and then Happy Hour at Mangoes …. 
we always seem to be eating

some more boat chores .. after the last rain, our boat is still leaking
Joe is now getting into the chair locker to re-chaulk the bow roller and
bow pulpit

removing the windlass to re-chaulk

Sandy collected a conch and wants to make a horn ..
unfortunately after 2 cuts into the end there was no hole to blow into she is off to find another shell

next we found a coconut and Joe with his machete opened it

John had a sip of the coconut water

then Sandy's turn …  we also shared the nice thick meat inside

then next day we left Mangoes to head out to Boat Harbour and Tilloo Cay for a few days

well we only made it out of the harbour and around to Mermaid Reef
and our engine alarm went off .. within 3-5 minutes all of the oil
dropped out of our engine and into the oil pan and bilge 
… thankfully we were in an wide open area and drifted for a bit, then we put up our sails and
sailed slowly back into Marsh Harbour …. Wingspread and Sandys Way, turned around and
returned also

the other boats quickly anchored and Charlie came back to us and side towed us
back into our slip that we just left one hour ago

Joe getting us all tied up again

once safely tied, Charlie and Sandys Way headed back to their boats

****** now lets see what happened to our motor *****

January 2 - 8, 2018 Marsh Harbour

one of our first stops upon arrival was to go to Asian Market and pick up
some home grown Wing Beans …. mashed garlic potatoes and salmon loaf finished
off our supper

Joe's favourite drink …

one last visit with Mark on Cauv, before he heads off to Cuba

what a great night onboard Sandys Way .. it sure is nice to have an enclosure all around

Joe and I went to Mangoes  for a few days, we took advantage to super charge our batteries
it actually turned out that we stayed for 6 nights because of high winds and torrential rains

it was Sandy's and John's first time to Marsh Harbour, so we showed them the
highlights … Island Bakery was the first on the list

if you don't get there in time all of the Coconut Bread, Thursday and
Raisin Bread on Friday will be gone

Cam from TeAmor, dropped off a gift, that Jan made …
it is for a special parcel that is arriving in April

Arron arrived to install our new wind direction indicator, last year the other one
fell off during high winds

Joe had a safety on Arron but said it never had to even haul him up 
… he climbed the mast like a monkey

up up and away

the new instrument being hauled up

Arron checked all our rigging while up there and removed our
radar indicator .. left side

and the rains came, in one night we had 3 inches .. note the depth in the
dinghy around Joe's ankles
and the boat V-berth leak that we thought we fixed is still leaking

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

January 2 - 8, 2018 around the whale to Marsh Harbour

it was time to defrost the fridge … I defrosted and cooked my lobsters

the small pieces I made lobster chowder for Wingspread, Charlie and Chris
once we got around the Whale

the strong winds hit us and we all stayed on board … for most of the day

at night we got together for some snacks on board Modaki

the next day we rented a golf cart and took Sandy's Way to other beaches 
on Green Turtle Cay

and you always have to visit the dump … resident pigs here also

the boar made us keep our distance from his female and babies

the grave yard for golf carts

and cars

we went to White Sound and watched Other Goose leave the pond and
understood they decided to cross The Whale today … they actually went
thru Don't Rock

we have been seeing these floats all over the beach and have been told that they
are lights that are attached to fishermen's nets .. to attract the fish and so they don't see the nets

this one beach had these small foam wheels all over the beach
probably from fishing nets also

at GTC Sandy and John signed a one dollar bill and stapled it to the ceiling..
this Club is wall papered with one dollar bills

then it was time for lunch at Two Shorties, the lunch menu was a $5 meal
fried chicken, rice and peas and mac and cheese or spare ribs, rice and peas and coleslaw

happy hour at the liquor store once again, about 40 cruisers and locals attended

the next day was our chance to across the Whale
first of all we thought we would take the short cut and go thru Don't Rock, but a big roller, hit the sand bar and broke in front of us .. we quickly made a left hand turn and made our way out to Whale Channel …  seas about 4-5 ft with the odd one 5-6-7 ft .. but it was about 11 seconds between then
it turned out to be one of our easiest crossings

we had a great sail from Logger Head Channel to the entrance to Marsh Harbour

to be continued